Messages from the President, April 24, 2017

Welcome SPRING!  Spring is a great time of the year; nature is renewing itself with longer days, warm weather, budding flowers and trees.  It is also the time that many of us start thinking about getting back on the road and enjoying our Bigfoot RV’s and attending our Annual Business Meeting and Rally.  This year we will be holding this event at the Blackwell Island RV Park in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho from September 10th to 15th.  The Rally Registration form is on the website under the BOCI Rallies drop down.  Our Rally Committee led by Mike Henley, Norm Rector and Bob Kohler have been hard at work planning for this year’s Rally and are currently planning the schedule of events.  They have also been able to hold the line on the Rally cost, despite the ever increasing costs of putting on the Rally.  The committee leaders and all the members deserve a great deal of thanks for their efforts.  It promises to be another great get together for our members.  I urge you to register quickly, mine is already in the mail. 

There is a Mini-Rally taking place in Barkerville, British Columbia on June 29th to July 2nd.  Details and contact information is also on the website.  Space is limited, so check it out soon.  I also understand that several members who are attending the Mini-Rally plan to caravan up to Alaska from Barkerville. 

It has been a while since I have updated my message and I apologize to you for that.  Life has been busy and full of changing priorities.  A lot has happened since my last message; we have successfully resolved our issues with our PayPal account and welcomed new members to our website committee.  At our meeting in Salt Lake last year, I outlined some issues that required us to close our old Club checking account and open a new one.  That led to problems with linking the new account to our PayPal account.  Finally after several months, multiple phone calls, providing all sorts of documentation to PayPal; we were able to once again link the accounts.  Also at the Salt Lake meeting I sought volunteers to help with our website committee as both Gayle Sackett and Lonny Anderson had expressed the need to step back from their day to day involvement with the website.  At the meeting Jim Thurman offered to use his skills and knowledge to assist them.  Jim has set up and maintained several other websites for other organizations.  Just recently another member, Andrew Matheson, has stepped forward to offer his expertise in website operation.  I cannot say thank you enough to our website committee, through their efforts we have a helpful and informative website that attracts new members, provides a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing solutions and answers to our member’s questions. 

I want to offer a very special thank you to Gayle Sackett; Gayle has been a key member of the BOCI team since I joined the Club in 2007.  Gayle was then our Membership Chairman and involved with the website operation.  She kept track of all our members and answered our questions and kept the website going. When we decided that we needed to move the website to a new platform, Gayle volunteered to lead that effort, despite the fact that she had learned everything she knew about the website by doing it rather than receiving formal training.  Her toughest challenge was keeping the old Forum posts from the old website and making them a part of the new website.  The fact that we still have access to the gold mine of information that can be found in the Forum Archives is a testament to Gayle and her drive and tenacity.  Gayle has been a sage voice of advice and a font of historical Club knowledge.  She has gone from being an Owner Member to an Associate Member, all the while continuing her exceptional support for our Club and our members.  Gayle, I, the Board and our members want to say thank you for everything you have done for the Club.

I also want to thank Lonny Anderson for his support of our website.  Many of the improvements you have seen and many that you have not are the result of Lonny’s efforts, thank you Lonny.

I wish to thank Jim Thurman and Andrew Matheson for stepping up to the challenge and offering their skills to the Club.  Every member of the Board and the Committees are volunteers and devote their time, talents and energy to the success of our Club.  Thank you all.

One other issue I want to talk about relates primarily to our Canadian members.  The issue is the need to add a five dollar fee to any payments made to the Club that are not in US dollars.  We are charged a five dollar Foreign Transaction fee by our bank for every payment processed that is not in US dollars in addition to the current exchange rate.  If you are paying your membership dues, your Rally Registration or for a purchase from our store using a Canadian Bank or Postal Money Order please verify that your Bank has an affiliate in the US and that your Postal Money Order is in US dollars.  If the payment is in US dollars the five dollar fee is NOT required, if it is in non US dollars the fee is required.  Many of our members have accounts with both a Canadian Bank and a US Bank and checks drawn on the US Bank do NOT require the five dollar fee.  We continue to receive over payments when the check or money order is in US dollars and tracking them to apply to future membership renewals has created a headache for our Membership Committee.  Your cooperation in this will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in Idaho, I hope that you can join us.  See you there; in the mean time enjoy your Bigfoot.

Art Dunn – BOCI President