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BOCI Grilling Spatula

BOCI Grilling Spatula

A must for barbecuing
$18.00 each (includes shipping and handling)


Men’s Cap

Faded Black
$20.00 each (includes shipping and handling)

Engineer's Cap

Brown-Tan Check pattern
$20.00 each (includes shipping and handling)



  • A dark blue, faux leather journal with perforated pages.
  • A very nice pen, page ribbon and back pocket. 6"x8"

$19.00 each (includes shipping and handling) NOTE: If this is to be sent to Canada please contact Carol at as the shipping will be more.

BOCI Man Embroidered Patch

  • great to add to your favorite jacket, ball cap, bag or anything you want to show your affiliation

$2.00 each (includes shipping and handling)



  • Tote is made of a durable canvas
  • great for carrying maps, tour books, etc.
  • BOCI logo on the side to be the envy of all your friends

$24.00 each (includes shipping and handling)

BOCI Backpack

  • Roomy
  • Well padded straps
  • Two water proof pouches on either side
  • Mesh pockets for water bottles and other things

$30.00 each (includes shipping and handling)


Ladder Plaque

  • this plaque is ordered directly from the distributor
  • please download the Bigfoot Plaque Order Form, complete form and send with check or money order to Badges R Us.
  • note: We have had a couple of members that have ordered this and are happy with them. If you are in Canada, I would suggest contacting Susan (information on order form) as cost of shipping may differ

$28.00 each (shipping $4.50 US$ per plaque )
Optional Brackets $12.00 /pair (do not order if you have the standard large tube ladder on your Bigfoot. This bracket only fits small diameter ladders)